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Winter 2012

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Project Focus

Sublette County's Pervious Approach to Low Impact Development

With a small city atmosphere, the natural landscape of this particular county stretches across the vast mountainous region and is an imperative part of the community’s success. Sublette County, like many municipalities was looking for alternative and environmentally friendly solutions that would assist in the upkeep of the landscape, Maintenance Supervisor, Wendie Butler, decided Xeripave® would be a perfect fit for the county’s landscaping projects.

Taking a proactive approach to stormwater management, the county started putting Xeripave® SP Pavers into various LID applications. Xeripave® SP Pavers’ infiltration rate allowed the pavers to perform successfully with the coverage of only 12 to 18 percent of a project’s total surface area. Impervious surfaces, such as standard concrete or asphalt, were used as the remaining surface to provide a cost effective stormwater management solution. Strategically placing the pavers allows stormwater to flow off of standard concrete/asphalt to the designated pervious pavers where it will be infiltrated and naturally filtered in the soil below.


The county first tested Xeripave® in 2011 with two small applications. The first application consisted of a strip drain under a gas meter. The hardscaped area originally was composed of asphalt and cement. Wanting a more attractive look, Butler opted for pervious pavers to be utilized and tested for ease of maintenance and installation. The project consisted of two strips of pavers, eight feet long. After finding the pavers easy to install, Butler decided to use Xeripave® in a second application.

The county was having difficulty maintaining the hardscaped area at the circuit court building. Originally attempting to blend the area in, the county used a rock sealant to try and enhance the appearance of the river rock. The rock sealer was found to be a temporary solution that resulted in high maintenance fees due to the difficulty in cleaning. Looking for an alternative approach, Butler decided to replace the river rock with SP Pavers. The county found that the pavers reduced the overall cost of maintenance and provided the natural look they were looking for.

After seeing the success of the first two projects, the county knew they would be able to utilize Xeripave® in more applications to address both the aesthetics and stormwater management. Taking advantage of Xeripave’s versatility and functionality, the continuing to place these SP Pavers throughout the community enhancing the landscape. Butler stated, “The pavers have held up great throughout the seasons and are easy to maintain. The county has received positive feedback since they have been installed.” Other applications the county has been incorporating SP Pavers in includes pathways, trench drains and signage outside county buildings.

Engineering Corner

City of Windsor Addresses Clay Soil Issues with Low Impact Development Projects

Municipalities are turning to Low Impact Development (LID) methods in an effort to regulate impervious surface areas. To help stimulate their efforts some counties have begun offering Stormwater Management Retrofit Programs. In Maryland, Prince George's County Council passed a retrofit program that offers a rebate to residents, businesses and non profit organizations that install permeable and pervious pavers on their property. This now includes Xeripave Super Pervious Pavers.


Projects once designed using hard infrastructure and conventional engineering are transitioning to greener methods that infiltrate stormwater runoff as soon as precipitation hits the ground. By utilizing LID and other eco-friendly tactics, it enables counties to minimize the amount impervious surfaces and eliminate stormwater runoff. LID addresses pollutant, volume and flow rate issues by customizing projects to include preventative methods. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), LID integrates green space, natural landscaping and hydrology along with other techniques that generate less runoff. With stormwater as the number one contributor to water pollution, project managers are taking a creative approach toward their projects. This ‘green’ initiative has stretched across the nation from urban to rural America.

Dealer / Distributor News

Xeripave has been teaming up with its dealers and distributors to make these innovative pervious pavers available nationwide. In 2012 we welcomed Sturgis Materials on board as a distributor for the midwest along with Kuert Concrete. Located in Kansas City, KS, Sturgis Materials is effectively serving the Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska regions. Kuert Concrete has been working with projects located in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.

If you are interested in stocking Xeripave in your region please contact us toll free at (877) 694-0141.