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Xeripave Filtration Trays

Xeripave has designed a system utilizing pavers to provide trash capture and eliminate vector control issues. Pavers are placed in a tray system that allows water to flow freely through while capturing debris and preventing pests access from breeding in stormwater catch basins. Mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects no longer have access to standing water. The simple design is cost effective and easily maintained. Most storm water vaults, with little effort, can be retrofitted with this dynamic design. A large amount of effort has been spent communicating with field maintenance crews, resulting in a reduction in use of water and time spent cleaning each vault.


With West Nile on the rise in 2012, Xeripave Filtration Trays are assisting in preventing mosquitoes from breeding in infrastructure drainage areas around the Washoe County and Reno area.


tray drawing

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