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The Company

Xeripave, LLC is an affiliate of Ultrablock, StoneTerra and Verti-Crete NW. Staying on course with its affiliates, Xeripave provides environmental solutions to the Architectural / Engineering / Construction (A/E/C) industry. Since its founding in 2009, the Xeripave's mission has been to develop a natural paving unit that could offer a cost effective and sustainable solution in the prevention of stormwater runoff. The company's goal was to create a paver not only super pervious, but attractive and functional in comparison with other permeable and pervious products. Unlike other types of pervious concrete/asphalt and permeable concrete pavers, Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers allow stormwater to flow rapidly through the surface to the underlying soils where the water will be naturally filtered. Xeripave® SP Pavers have an infiltration rate of around one gallon per second per square foot, which is 10 times greater than porous concrete and more than 90 times greater than permeable pavers. The SP Pavers provide the filtration benefits that are needed to handle today's storm water runoff in traditional hardscape projects. With its diverse applications, Xeripave is a great addition in hardscaping and filtration projects.

Affiliated Companies and Products



For over twenty years, Ultrablock has been providing large modular concrete blocks for a variety of uses.  Blocks are primarily produced using surplus concrete making them an environmentally friendly and economical choice.  Primarily used for retaining walls, the blocks are also used for barriers, retention ponds, wine storage and numerous other applications.



The patented StoneTerra Wall System® offers an engineered block that is easy to produce and install.  The result is affordable walls that look great.  Standard blocks are eight square feet of face with a natural architectural finish.  Blocks are cast with a locking system that gives an inherent batter and tapered sides allowing for tight wall curvature.  Producers can be found throughout the United States and many other countries.


Verti-Crete NW

Precast concrete offers the advantages of strength, durability and weather resistance.  The Verti-Crete wall product combines these benefits with an attractive finish on both sides.  Privacy walls, sound walls and retaining walls can all be accomplished using this system.  A major benefit is the fast installation, small crews can produce large results.

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