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Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers

A sustainable solution to stormwater runoff!

Xeripave SP Pavers are segmented pavers ideally suited as a practical long-term alternative to impervious materials. Differing from poured in place pervious system, the segmented pavers are ready for installation immediately with no down time for setting. Xeripave products integrate with the environment to perform the same core function as traditional hardscape products, yet provide additional pervious benefits. Xeripave SP Pavers are designed to infiltrate stormwater runoff as soon as precipitation hits the ground. They allow the water to drain through the body of the paver filtering out gross contaminents and recharging ground water supplies.

Xeripave is used for various applications in commercial and residential projects, because of its versatility. Some key features Xeripave offers include:

  • availability in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes
  • unaffected by salt and ultraviolet rays
  • will not fade in color or deteriorate with severe weather changes because they are not affected by freeze/thaw
  • provide an ADA slip and skid resistant surface

Find out more on how xeripave can help you by contacting us at info@xeripave.com!